A cross border analysis of the oppoortunities for improving strategic collaboration between small & medium sized ports 2014-2020

The INTERREG IVA project – Fostering Long Term Initiatives in Ports – was approved in March 2013.  The two and half year project is one of the final projects to be cofinanced under the INTERREG IVA channel programme 2007-13 and has a limited time period within which to make effective use of the available investments.  This scoping study seeks to help both partners and stakeholders interested in the benefits of collaboration between small and medium sized ports aware of the priorities and working methodologies for sharing experiences that that add value in terms of their innovation, contribution to reducing investment periods and in saving costs from small and medium sized ports working effectively together to use their limited financial and human resources available to them effectively together during the period of this project until March 2015.The core purpose of this scoping study is therefore to help partners identify the opportunities and communicate clearly the added value of cross border cooperation for these small and medium sized ports in the channel region.  Whilst short sea shipping is an extremely competitive market in the channel area, FLIP seeks to promote the sustainable development of small and medium sized ports in the future by promoting their cause, demonstrating the value of sharing knowledge and sharing the results of studies and pilot projects in the different ports than can have a beneficial impact on the development of realisation of strategic plans for attractive, accessible and competitive small and medium sized ports in the cross border region where new opportunities can make an important contribution to the economy.